Foods That Don’t Have Fiber, But Seem To

Fiber is all the rage these days. A lot of food items in the store will broadcast all over the front of their box how many grams of fiber they have. But do you actually know what amount of grams is an actually substancial amount?


A big food people trip up in their understanding of fiber in is bread, particularly in those long, torpedo sandwhiches from spots like Subway.


Think you’re being nutriously by choosing wheat bread? Think again. You could get 10 grams of fiber—a heafty number—but you’ll have to consume 49 (yup, Forty 9) grams of carbs to get it! This is the case with many whole wheat swap-ins.


A pizza with a whole wheat crust once again traps you into only acquiring the fiber after you’ve consumed the huge amount of carbs it is stuffed within. Honestly, you’re better off turning that salad or sandwich into a sub. Get a slice of whole wheat on the side if you want.


Snacks are another culprit. So many snack brands try to look and sound as fiber-full as possible. Like Trisquits and SunChips with those deceptively brownish and grainy looking squares. When I was a kid, my voice coach in LAwould have boxes of these around for her students. These unsuspecting students (including me!) would come in for their singing lessons, hoping to learn to sing better, and would be gorging on fatty snacks. The instructor explained, “They’re nutritious! They’re wheat-colored!”


Today I’ve come to realize that there are at most 4 grams of fiber in a single-serving bag of SunChips and only 3 grams in 6 Trisquits. In other words, you have to eat two servings—getting you up to possibly 500 calories, to get any sufficient amount of fiber.

Go for chips which have plenty of texture and seeds. Flax seed or sesame seed crackers or chips are great since seeds help flush you out.



They are looking at you from the shiny glass case just next to where you pay for your coffee. You think, “Hey, a bran muffin is healthy!” Admittedly, a bran muffin can supply ample fiber, but usually a ton of sugar, as well. The only truly nutritious bran muffins are the varieties that don’t taste all that good, and they definitely aren’t the varieties bought in major name coffee stores. Buy unsweetened bran muffins from a local health food store and if you have to sweeten them, add a couple of drops of agave nectar or all-natural honey onto your warmed up pastry at breakfast.

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